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  1. Objectives of BEB 650 Course

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    Hacettepe University has aimed to gain computer proficiency to students and also to prepare students for ECDL ceritificate by taking advantages of distance education with EDCL project.

  2. What is the ECDL?

    European Computer Driving License (ECDL) is an international certificate that indicates competency in computer use. ECDL is given and controlled by ECDL Foundation (ECDL-F). In Turkey, Turkey Informatics Association (TBD) has the ECDL licensee . ECDL Certificate lists the basic level of Information Technology and different computer skills that you learn.

  3. Who have to take the course?

    Senate of Hacettepe University (December 2010) decided to give BEB 650 Fundamental Information and Communication Technology (0 2 1) course on internet-based classes to all first year students. This course is covered by the common core courses so the course will not affect the total credit requires for graduation. However, the course will be graded by letter and the grade will affect cummulative gpa. On BEB 650 Fundamental Information and Communication Technologies course, ECDL subjects will be held by methods of distance education. The course is offered to some faculties during fall sementer, some faculties during spring semester.

  4. Course Content

    -Concepts of Information Technology
    -Computer Usage and File Management
    -Word Processing
    -Internet and Communication

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